Mothers day

On mothers day In the morning me and my sister were playing games. But then, a few seconds later mum came back down stairs into the living room. “Happy mothers day,” said Christina and I. “Thank you,” said mum.

I was playing war dragons and mom was too. Then mum said buger to me because I go for the northen vikings and one of my teamates sent me a legendary gold chest.

Then I had breakfast a few minutes later and while I was having breakfast my dad came in the room. “Happy mothers day,” said dad. “Thank you, said mum again.

2 hours later…”Maroun, Christina,” said mum. Get ready where going to Tata’s. “okay,” said Christina and I. So i got changed, put shoes on, packed two toys, (Gengar and Dragonite,) and packed my DS, ipad and charger.

When we arrived, Christina and I played games. A few minutes later we went to the coffee club at Epping and Christina and I had the classic meal with a ice chocolate. When we were nearly finished Tata payed for all the food and Christina, mun and I had our mouth open like a gold fish.

After everyone finshed we went to drop of Tata and then I went home to do my spelling for homework.

What makes my mum special.

1. Here smile.

2. She loves Christina and I.